HGH Prescription: How to Get HGH Prescribed for Adults in the US

An HGH prescription entitles the recipient to purchase human growth hormone injections from a licensed pharmacy to treat growth hormone deficiency (GHD). For adults in the US, understanding how to get an HGH prescription legally is crucial as this medication can lead to side effects when not used as directed for GHD. 

In this review, we will discuss why an adult might need HGH prescription medication and the right way to go about getting this authorization. By the end of this page, you will know what type of doctor to contact for human growth hormone therapy, and how to save money with an online doctor HGH prescription.

*HGH prescription medication is for adults with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency.

What Is an HGH Prescription and Who Needs It?

An HGH prescription is a written authorization from a qualified doctor for the treatment of GHD in adults. Because HGH is a controlled substance, it requires a medical cause for its use. Like other prescription medications, including narcotics, antibiotics, and diabetes treatments, HGH is safe to use when needed. However, just as those pharmaceutical drugs should only be used by those who need them, the same applies to hormone medications. 

You will require an HGH doctor prescription if you have symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. Due to the many functions of growth hormone in the adult body, these signs can vary significantly from one person to the next. In the list below, we show the most common symptoms of adult GHD. Anyone having at least three or more of these signs should contact a hormone specialist for a consultation and possible diagnostic testing.

Common Symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Fatigue, lethargy, low energy
Weight gain
Insomnia, sleep disturbances
Muscle and strength loss
Joint pains
Height shrinkage
Decreased bone density
High LDL and total cholesterol
Thinning or loss of hair
Brittle nails
Wrinkles and sagging skin
Dry skin 
Age spots
Memory loss (forgetfulness)
Lack of concentration/focus
Impaired cognitive functions
Mood changes
Increased stress, anxiety
Reduced motivation, drive
Decreased productivity
Insulin resistance
High glucose levels
Elevated blood pressure
Frequent or long-lasting illness
Slow exercise recovery
Longer injury healing time
Low sex drive
Erectile dysfunction
PMS or menopausal symptoms
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Vaginal dryness

Why Do I Need an HGH Prescription?

There are two primary reasons why you need an HGH prescription:

- Buying HGH without prescription authorization is illegal in the US
- The only way to know if your body needs human growth hormone therapy, and how much, is by contacting a doctor for a diagnosis

Using HGH when it is not needed can lead to significant health risks, including carpal tunnel syndrome and type 2 diabetes. There is also the issue of purchasing HGH injections without a prescription. Since medical authorization is required in the US, a person would have to turn to unregulated websites from companies outside the country for this purchase. That could result in the receipt of low-quality, counterfeit, expired, diluted, or possibly dangerous products. 

Other forms of non-prescription HGH, such as pills, lotions, sprays, patches, or other such items are not real human growth hormones. The only way to get and use real HGH injections legally and safely is with a doctor’s prescription.

What Type of Doctor Provides an HGH Prescription?

Although it is feasible to get an HGH prescription from doctors in general, hormone balancing falls under the category of specialized medicine. You will receive the best treatment and results in this safest way possible by working with a doctor who specializes in adult hormone replacement therapy.

Getting HGH prescribed by doctor authorization from a hormone specialist ensures that while increasing growth hormone levels, other vital chemical messengers are not altered in ways that could adversely affect the body. A hormone doctor understands the delicate hormone balance of the body better than any other physician.

Can I Get an HGH Prescription Online?

The advent of telemedicine has made it possible to get an HGH prescription online from an experienced hormone doctor. Here at our hormone therapy clinic, we have utilized telephone consultations long before telemedicine was popular. We have been providing our free and confidential phone consultation service to men and women throughout Florida for many years.

With an online prescription for HGH from our hormone clinic, you remove the cost and time involved with specialist office visits. Of course, it is still necessary to visit a local doctor (of your choosing) for the physical exam report and a laboratory for your blood sample collection. We have already prearranged low-cost blood analysis with a national laboratory chain for added savings and convenience. 

How Do I Get an HGH Prescription?

Getting an HGH prescription is simplified with our hormone therapy clinic. 

Step 1 – contact us by phone or completing the short form on this page for your free consultation with one of our knowledgeable and experienced medical advisors

Step 2 – visit a local laboratory at the prearranged appointment time for the blood test

Step 3 – have a doctor complete our physical examination form

Step 4 – fill out our online health assessment questionnaire

Step 5 – receive your results and discuss the recommended treatment during a follow-up phone consultation 

You will discuss your HGH prescription cost during the follow-up consultation once the doctor determines your daily medication dosage. At that time, you will receive options for treatment. We offer many HGH brands and injector styles to help meet the budgetary and lifestyle needs of our clients throughout Florida. 

Contact our hormone therapy clinic today for more information and your free consultation.