HGH Therapy for Men and Women

As the body ages, certain essential hormones begin to decline. One of the most crucial of all the body’s chemical messengers is somatotropin, also known as growth hormone (GH). Somatotropin comes primarily from the pituitary gland and regulates and supports critical functions in the body. Doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for adults often prescribe HGH therapy to men and women whose GH levels get so low that they begin to cause problems.

In this review of HGH therapy, we will answer the following questions:

- What is human growth hormone (HGH)?

- What is human growth hormone therapy?

- How does human growth hormone therapy work for adults?

- Can men and women benefit from HGH therapy?

- Is HGH therapy safe for adults?

- How do you know if you need human growth hormone therapy?

- How do you get HGH therapy?

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is the synthetic, bioidentical version of somatotropin. Also called somatropin, HGH provides the body with an identical form of growth hormone to replenish what the pituitary gland no longer produces.

With HGH therapy, the body receives the critical hormones that support the following physiological functions:

* Metabolism – including maintaining healthy insulin and blood glucose levels

* Immunity – including supporting thymus production of white blood cells

* Cell regeneration – critical for protecting the muscles, bones, hair, and skin from decline

* Cognitive performance – including supporting focus, learning, comprehension, processing, and memory recall

* Emotional well-being – reducing stress and maintaining healthy neurotransmitter balance to decrease depression

* Sexual functions – including fertility, sex drive, and performance

* Temperature regulation – to reduced sensitivity to changes in hot and cold temperatures

These are only some of the many functions of growth hormone.

What Is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Hormone doctors prescribe human growth hormone therapy to men and women whose bodies are deficient in GH levels. Although the human body has long finished “growth,” there is still the continual development of new cells crucial for the bones, skin, muscles, tissues, organs, hair, and nails at every age. HGH therapy helps to maintain a continuous supply of new cells to replace those that require repair or replenishing.

With HGH therapy, the body receives the precise amount necessary to reinstate the growth hormone balance. That increase can help reverse symptoms associated with adult growth hormone deficiency.

Human growth hormone therapy provides a biologically identical version of GH to allow critical functions to continue. 

How Does Human Growth Hormone Therapy Work for Adults?

We are often asked how does HGH therapy work in adults, and the answer is in the same way as natural growth hormone works. Once injected into the body, HGH works its way through the bloodstream to the many GH receptor cells located in organs and on tissues throughout the body and brain. There, HGH binds to the receptors, stimulating them into action. Without enough growth hormone, the receptor cells sit dormant. HGH promotes their functions. 

What does HGH therapy do once it stimulates the receptor cells?

The many actions of HGH vary depending on the site of the cells. For example, at the organ level, new cells form to keep the organs from shrinking, which protects critical functions. In the liver, HGH stimulates the secretion of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone that mediates many of the actions of GH.

GH receptors in the brain stimulate neurotransmitters, as well as many crucial cognitive functions. That is why people with GH deficiency are more likely than others to suffer from dementia. Wherever the growth hormone receptors are in the body, HGH supports their actions.

Can Men and Women Benefit from HGH Therapy?

Male or female, the body requires healthy growth hormone production each day. That is why HGH therapy for men and women is vital. HGH helps to promote fertility in males and females during their reproduction years and is often used as a fertility treatment.

Fertility doctors often utilize HGH therapy for women undergoing IVF treatments. Since growth hormone stimulates testosterone production and spermatogenesis in males, it can help increase sperm count. 

Later in life, both men and women can benefit from stronger bones, improved health, weight loss, sharper cognition, and the many other functions of growth hormone supported by HGH therapy.

Is HGH Therapy Safe for Adults?

When prescribed by a hormone specialist, HGH replacement therapy is extremely safe. However, if purchasing HGH injections online, it is vital to utilize a legitimate licensed US pharmacy. Unregulated websites often ship inferior-quality HGH that can be harmful to one’s health.

Another critical point to mention is that the body has a natural level for growth hormone. Exceeding that amount can lead to unwanted side effects, including carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, and increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. That is why HGH therapy requires a doctor’s prescription, and the dosage should never be altered without medical authorization.

How Do You Know If You Need Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

The only way to know if your body can benefit from HGH hormone replacement therapy is by undergoing comprehensive blood analysis that measures crucial hormone levels in the body. That way, a hormone specialist can determine if there is a need for HGH injections.

Here are the most common symptoms of growth hormone deficiency to help you decide if it is time to contact a hormone doctor for a consultation:

- Weight gain

- Fatigue

- Thinning or loss of hair

- Insomnia or other sleep disturbances

- Muscle loss

- Reduced bone density

- Joint pains

- Bodily stiffness

- Frequent sickness

- Slow recovery from exercise, injury, or illness

- Thin, dry, or sagging skin, increased appearance of wrinkles, age spots

- Lack of focus

- Impaired cognitive functions

- Forgetfulness or memory loss

- Depression or other changes in mood

- Increased stress and anxiety

- Sexual decline

- Infertility 

- Social isolation

- Lack of motivation

- Decreased productivity 

Although all symptoms of GH decline may not be present, if at least a few are, it is likely time for a hormone deficiency test.

How Do You Get HGH Therapy?

Please do not attempt to buy HGH therapy online without a doctor’s prescription. As beneficial as this treatment is, it only helps those who have legitimate deficiencies in this hormone. It is vital to contact a hormone specialist for consultation and diagnostic testing.

Here at our hormone therapy clinic, we simplify the process in the following ways:

- Free telemedicine phone consultations

- Low-cost blood testing at area laboratories

- The convenience of seeing any doctor for the required physical exam

- Online health forms for easy and private at-home completion

How much is HGH therapy?

The HGH therapy cost depends on the dosage of medication prescribed by the doctor. That factor determines which HGH brands and injector options meet those requirements. Then, the final selection of the brand and injector style for administering HGH medication determines the ultimate cost. Our hormone clinic provides numerous options so that each person can select the one that is right for their needs. 

Please contact our hormone therapy clinic today for your free consultation.