HGH Therapy Benefits for Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy replenishes the supply of growth hormones for adults suffering from a deficiency in this vital chemical. As we look at the HGH therapy benefits for men and women, you will notice that results may affect physiological, physical, mental, and emotional areas of the body. That is due to the widespread and varied functions of growth hormone.

The first benefits of HGH therapy we want to discuss are those that are physiological in nature. These functions have to do with metabolism, cellular regeneration, immunity, sexual performance, and overall health of the body. 

Some HGH hormone benefits that are physiological include:

- The generation and growth of new cells (some of these cells protect the organs from shrinking)

- Stimulation of metabolic functions to aid in weight loss, insulin sensitivity, and glucose uptake

- Promotion of thymus gland activities to support the immune system in warding off invading microorganisms

- Stimulation of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) production by the liver

- Maintenance of heart muscle structure and function

The next benefits of HGH replacement therapy are physical in nature. These actions often include aspects that we can see, as well as feel, such as:

- Weight loss

- Thicker, fuller hair growth

- Firmer, tighter skin

- Increased muscle mass

- Improved bone mineral density

What are the benefits of HGH therapy that are mental and emotional in nature?

HGH replacement therapy benefits that are mentally oriented include:

- Better focus and concentration

- Increased learning capacity and retention

- Improved processing 

- Sharper memory

The benefits of HGH for emotional well-being include:

- Supporting sleep by reducing cortisol levels

- Decreasing stress

- Reducing feelings of depression through stimulation of critical neurotransmitters

- Alleviating many of the symptoms that can lead to emotional upheaval 

*HGH therapy benefits adults in physiological, physical, mental, and emotional ways.

HGH Therapy Benefits for Women 

Among the many benefits of HGH for females, we find supporting fertility in younger women. Fertility doctors use HGH hormone effects for poor responders during IVF cycles. HGH benefits women by improving oocyte maturation and egg quality.

Other HGH therapy benefits for women include promoting metabolic functions to aid in weight loss, improving sleep quality, and increasing energy. 

Many women who suffer from PMS symptoms or menopausal changes, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and brain fog, report significant HGH injection benefits in reducing those concerns. 

HGH Therapy Benefits for Men

As with females, the benefits of HGH for males have a significant impact on overall health. Through improved metabolic functions, the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels decline. 

These HGH health benefits are critical to helping the body age gracefully while decreasing the risk of many medical conditions. Adults who suffer from untreated growth hormone deficiency have a greater incidence of being diagnosed with the following health issues:

- Cardiovascular disease

- Atherosclerosis

- Metabolic syndrome

- Type 2 diabetes

- Osteoporosis

- Dementia 

Other significant HGH therapy benefits for men include higher testosterone levels and sperm count since HGH works locally in the testes. That often leads to an increase in sex drive, sexual frequency, and fertility. 

The many benefits of HGH for older males and females help to maintain a healthy heart, brain, and sexual functions late in life. With optimized growth hormone levels, adults experience fewer illnesses and better overall health. 

HGH Therapy Benefits Timeline

HGH benefits for males and females are roughly the same when it comes to how long it takes to see the results. In the timeline of HGH therapy benefits below, we give an average estimate of when to expect to notice these positive changes. However, since this is an average, it is also safe to assume that the results may come sooner, or considerably later. There is no way of knowing how the body will metabolize HGH until treatment begins. Give yourself a month longer before contacting the doctor if you do not notice specific results at the time stated.

Here is the estimated HGH benefits timeline for men and women:

One Month

- Better sleep

- Improved energy

- More focus

- Improved sense of humor

- Positive outlook

- Inflammation markers start to improve at the cellular level, although this remains unnoticeable for many months

Two Months 

- Improved metabolism

- More sexual fantasies and thoughts

- Less depression

- Slight improvements in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Some toning of the muscles

Three Months

- Enhanced sexual performance

- Better hair growth

- Sharper memory

- Increased exercise capacity, faster muscle recovery, and better results

- Noticeable decrease in abdominal fat mass

- Reduced PMS and menopausal symptoms for women

- Improved cognitive functions 

- Immune system becomes stronger

Four Months

- Increased motivation, drive, and productivity

- Improved muscle strength

- Better organ structure and functions

- Significantly decreased joint pains

Five Months

- Possible improvements in eyesight and night vision

- Increased cardiac capacity for exercise

Six Months

- Natural hair color may return

- Improved cardiac functions

- Lower LDL and total cholesterol

- Increased bone density 

How to Maximize Your HGH Therapy Benefits

Maximizing your injectable HGH benefits can help speed up the results listed above. Some of the lifestyle habits we have, such as smoking, excessive alcohol or drug consumption, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, and exposure to harmful chemicals, can increase growth hormone production decline. These habits can also reduce the effectiveness of HGH therapy.

The actions below will help you learn how to maximize benefits of HGH treatment for the best possible results:

- Get enough sleep – the body produces, secretes, and utilizes growth hormone most at night during deep, slow-wave sleep. It is vital to get between seven and nine hours each night to maximize these benefits.

- Exercise – during the day, growth hormone release responds to physical exertion. Increasing your caloric expenditure and working the large muscle groups will also help burn fat and improve muscle mass and tone.

- Lose weight – people who are overweight tend to have lower growth hormone levels. As you lose weight, your GH production naturally increases.

- Reduce stress – when you are stressed, your body increases cortisol production. Chronically high levels of cortisol inhibit sleep and interfere with growth hormone production.

- Decrease exposure to phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens – these chemicals interfere with the natural balance of hormones in the body.

- Eliminate bad habits – just do it – they are not good for you anyway!

For more information on HGH therapy benefits, please contact our hormone therapy clinic for a free consultation by phone.