HGH Therapy Results Before and After: What to Wait For When Taking HGH

When you are at the very start of your HGH therapy, there are lots of questions disturbing you. What are the HGH therapy results - before and after? How fast they will be seen? Are there any side effects? Lots of these questions can arouse anxiety so it is time to get answers to them. In our article, you can find useful information about HGH therapy results before and after and the effects you are going to enjoy when taking it.

First of all, let's mention that in every man, effects from HGH intake may vary as every one of us has its individual background and every one's body is unique. The results of HGH Therapy depend much on several factors that are as follows:

  • The prescribed dosage and the method of its intake.
  • The overall health condition of a patient.
  • The age of the patient.
  • Height and weight parameters.

All these are taken into account by your doctor when you are diagnosed with HGH imbalance and prescribed to get HGH Therapy.

It is also necessary to draw the attention of each patient to the fact that the result of taking Human Growth Hormone will be positive and noticeable only if the therapy is prescribed by an experienced doctor based on preliminary research and analysis of the patient's medical history. It is strictly forbidden to use HGH without a doctor's recommendation because uncontrolled intake of hormones can lead to a deterioration in well-being, and this is not at all the result you are expecting.

How Long Should I Wait For The First Effects Of HGH Therapy?

Of course, this question is incredibly important for everyone as every patient wants to feel the effect of the prescribed treatment as soon as possible. But when it comes to taking hormone replacement therapy, the body needs time to debug the processes disturbed by the imbalance of hormones. But believe me, the results, when they start to appear, will be noticeable immediately. For some patients, improvements in physical and mental condition occur after the first 7 days of taking HGH drugs.

Others take weeks to get the first HGH therapy results to compare before and after. But even if after a week of taking HGH you have not yet noticed dramatic changes in your appearance and overall well-being, you should wait. The fact is that HGH therapy is cumulative in nature and its effects are calculated for the long term. Simply put, after the end of the course of HGH injections, the effect of HRT will increase for several months. And the best news for those eligible for HGH therapy. According to recent studies, the effects of its use persist in men and women for up to ten years.

HGH Effects' Roadmap

We have already mentioned that each organism is unique. This means that our roadmap may not overlap with your HGH therapy results before and after. But the overall picture will be similar. Be sure to consult with your doctor about your sensations and changes that occur in the body. If you are concerned about the lack of results or too little effect from taking HGH, be sure to inform your medical advisor about this. If everything goes according to plan, he will calm you down and tell you when to expect an effect in your case. If the dose of the hormone needs adjustment, it is the doctor who will be able to increase or decrease it to produce the desired effect.

By the way, if you want to see the dynamics of changes in your body while taking HGH Therapy, we advise you to get into the habit of taking full-body selfies at least once a month. You can see for yourself how your body is changing by comparing photoshoots of each period.

In general, the most noticeable effects of taking HGH appear after a half-year course of taking the hormone.

1st Month of HGH Therapy Effects

Often, the effects after the first month of taking HGH affect the body's internal processes. The hormone boost affects the restructuring of the body and the psyche. And it is the mental improvements that you will notice first of all. According to statistics, after 1 month of taking growth hormone, the circadian rhythms improve in most patients, which means that sleep is normalized. Anxiety also decreases, stamina rises. You will feel much more energized after you start taking HGH.

2nd Month of HGH Therapy Effects

After the second month of HGH therapy, we can already talk about the visible effects of the treatment. You can evaluate them yourself. First of all, Somatropin affects metabolism. This means that thanks to the accelerated metabolism, you will lose weight faster. Protein from food will be broken down and absorbed by your body faster, and this provokes the growth of muscle mass. Due to the accelerated metabolism, cells begin to renew themselves more actively, and this becomes noticeable in the improved condition of nails, hair, and skin. In addition, the body begins to produce natural collagen, which improves joint function and makes the skin firm and fresh. Add to this the effects of the first month, and you already notice the difference!

3rd Month of HGH Therapy Effects

Added to the effects of the first months of therapy after 90 days of taking HGH injections are significant changes in your body's capabilities.

  • Improved endurance and energy.
  • Concentration and memory function are also improved.
  • Libido increases.
  • In women, the severity of the negative effects of PMS and premenopause decreases.
  • The condition of bones and joints improves, the flexibility of the body increases.
  • Your immunity also increases, and diseases are easier to carry, and the body recovers after them faster.

4th and 5th Months of HGH Therapy Effects

During the 4th and 5th months of taking HGH, all the processes already started in the body are fixed. In practice, this means that the already manifested positive effects will continue and grow. You will feel more vigorous, more stable, your strength and endurance will increase, your cognitive functions and your sex drive will improve.

6th Month of HGH Therapy Effects

The effects after six months of taking HGH Therapy are especially noticeable in contrast to the results of the first month. You will be able to see with your own eyes that your body has become noticeably stronger, your physical shape, muscle relief and weight have returned to normal. In addition, by 6 months of taking HGH in the body, the level of cholesterol decreases, the condition of blood vessels and heart improves, and metabolism normalizes. You no longer feel like a ruin, instead of this, you feel a surge of strength, calmness, and confidence in your own health.

At this stage, all running processes continue to operate, and the body itself produces the missing amount of growth hormone. Therefore, by the end of the course of taking HGH, you will not lose the results already achieved. On the contrary, they will continue to improve.

We have described the most important and characteristic signs of an improvement in the health of patients while taking HGH Therapy. But they are far from the only ones. So, some patients additionally noted the occurrence of the following effects during HGH intake:

  • Resumption of hair growth on bald areas of the head.
  • Decrease in depressive symptoms.
  • Improving visual acuity.
  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • All of these effects are also not unique and will affect your body to a greater or lesser extent when taking HGH.

    Remember that only the correct dosage of the hormone and the constant monitoring of the doctor will help you achieve similar HGH therapy results to compare before and after. Don't be afraid of aging. Stop it with an innovative and effective HGH therapy. In our clinic, you will be provided with a full range of services for the diagnosis, prescription, and maintenance of HGH therapy.

    Make your body healthier and your quality of life as high as possible. Don't give a chance to aging and hormonal imbalances. Modern medicine will help you with this.