How to Buy Testosterone Injections in the US

Testosterone injections are the best way to boost male testosterone levels for those diagnosed with Low T (low testosterone, hypogonadism). Once injected into the muscle, testosterone absorbs slowly, over time, into the bloodstream, where it can then transport to the body’s many androgen receptor cells (ARCs). However, there is much to know about getting testosterone injections for sale in the US before purchasing. 

Here are the top issues we will cover below to help you make the right decision when it comes time to buy testosterone injections:

- The benefits of testosterone injections for men

- Possible testosterone injections side effects

- Which types of testosterone injections to buy

- How to get testosterone injections in the US

*Get the facts about testosterone injections before you buy!

Benefits and Side Effects of Testosterone Injections

We start by discussing what to expect from testosterone injections. If you understand the benefits, you are better able to determine if they are right for you.

Whom do testosterone injections work for, and who should not use them?

Testosterone injections treat the symptoms of Low T by increasing the amount of testosterone available to enter the ARCs. Only men with a verifiable testosterone deficiency should use supplemental testosterone to avoid the side effects that could occur if testosterone levels get too high. Do not use testosterone if your current hormone levels are in balance.

Positive effects of testosterone injections for men with Low T include:

- Better sleep

- More energy

- Increased lean muscle and bone density

- Reduced fat accumulation

- Decreased depression and stress

- Happier mood

- Enhanced sex drive and performance

- Sharper memory and brain functions

- Lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure

- Improved red blood cell production and heart health

While these benefits of testosterone injections for men sound appealing, they are only for those with Low T. The following side effects of testosterone injections may occur in those who use testosterone illegally or in too high a dosage:

- Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)

- Infertility

- Acne

- Oily skin

- Changes in hair growth

- Prolonged and painful erections

- Headache

- Anxiety

- Aggression

- Depression

- Testicular atrophy (shrinkage)

- Edema

- Numbness and tingling

- Ongoing abuse could lead to a heart attack or stroke. 

Please continue reading to learn about the best types of testosterone injections and how to get them for sale in the US. 

Which Types of Testosterone Injections Are Best?

There are many types of testosterone injections for men, but not all are recommended for use. Testosterone propionate and aqueous testosterone solution are short-lived in the bloodstream, requiring frequent injections. They are not recommended for long-term treatment of Low T as they are quite expensive, painful, and increase the risk of significant side effects.

The newest injectable, testosterone undecanoate (Aveed), requires doctor-administration in a medical facility due to the high risk of potentially dangerous adverse reactions. Our hormone physicians do not recommend this testosterone prescription medication for use.

The best types of testosterone injections are testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Sometimes, our doctors recommend using a customized blend of the two for the best results. In all instances, testosterone therapy requires personalization for individual needs.

Depo-Testosterone injections may be the most well-known of all brands of testosterone cypionate. However, you can also lower the cost of testosterone injections by getting the same medication generically from a compounding pharmacy. 

How to Buy Testosterone Injections

At-home treatment is what many males look for when they start searching testosterone injections for sale online. No one wants to have to make expensive visits to a hormone clinic each week for a shot. That is why our doctors offer a convenient option for men with Low T.

In place of time-consuming and costly office visits to the hormone clinic, we offer our free consultation service by phone. Men have enjoyed our telemedicine program long before most people even knew that phrase. 

Benefits of our at-home testosterone program include:

- No trips to the hormone clinic

- Low-cost blood tests at conveniently located laboratories

- Examination by any doctor

- Online medical forms

- Secure, private consultations by phone

- Follow-up communications by telephone or email

- Low-cost testosterone injections

- Direct shipment to you of all medications and supplies

- Superior service, results, and care

There is a significant difference between getting a testosterone prescription online from our doctor and visiting a local hormone clinic. Rather than taking time off from work, you can schedule your confidential phone consultation when it fits into your schedule. That way, you choose the time and place where you feel free to discuss your symptoms in private. 

If prescribed testosterone injections, we will provide you with all your medications, supplies, and instructions for at-home administration. The once-a-week treatment is easy to inject, and you will see significant results in a short time.

To learn more, or for your free consultation, contact our hormone therapy clinic today.