How to Get a Testosterone Prescription in the US

The need to get a testosterone prescription in the US has never been as great as today. Why is that? There are currently over 71 million Baby Boomers in the US, along with more than 20 million members of the Silent Generation, and over 65 million people who fall into Generation X. Even the youngest members of Generation X are turning 40 this year. Some may find themselves dealing with the onset of low testosterone. That is why our hormone therapy clinic is here to help. 

The youngest female baby boomers have likely gone through menopause or are close to that time. Most of the men are already noticing changes in sex drive and erectile functions. Because testosterone is a vital hormone, not just for sex drive, but also for preserving brain functions, heart health, circulation, bone density, and muscle mass, getting prescription testosterone can be extremely beneficial for those who need it.

With the internet at our fingertips, many people look for how to get an online testosterone prescription. While that might have seemed out of the question two decades ago, through the science of telemedicine, we can make that a reality.

*A testosterone prescription can help restore testosterone levels as people age.

Why Do I Need a Testosterone Prescription?

The question of “why do you need a prescription for testosterone” can be looked at one of two ways:

- Why your body might need a low testosterone prescription right now

- Why people, in general, need to get a prescription to buy testosterone

In this first example, we find that adults experience a decline in testosterone as they age. Yet, the body still requires an adequate supply of testosterone to carry out all its functions. Testosterone must enter the androgen hormone receptor cells to stimulate their actions. 

Without enough testosterone, bone density and muscle mass will likely decline. Receptors in the brain will not receive enough testosterone, causing poor focus, reducing cognitive functions, and memory loss. Since testosterone helps prevent the buildup of amyloid plaque that causes Alzheimer’s disease, dementia is possible. Testosterone therapy can help to protect the heart as well as metabolism to keep them functioning properly. 

Now we move on to the second reason as to why people need a testosterone prescription – legality. The only legal way to buy testosterone in the US is with a valid prescription. Testosterone is a controlled substance – a pharmaceutical medication that requires a doctor’s authorization for use. Although it is safe, that is only when used as medically directed. Increasing testosterone levels that are normal can lead to unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects. Buying testosterone without a prescription can open a person up to judicial prosecution. Not to mention, the only way to know if the body needs testosterone is through a medical diagnosis. 

Can I Get Testosterone Without a Prescription?

Almost anyone could find a way to buy testosterone without a prescription on the internet. 

- Does that mean it is safe? NO! 

- Does that make it legal? NO!

Buying testosterone without prescription is like rolling the dice in Las Vegas – you may win, or you may lose. Since research has shown that roughly 96% of all websites selling medications are NOT within proper pharmaceutical guidelines, the odds are not in your favor. 

What can happen when you buy testosterone online from an unregulated website?

Here are some of the risks you take:

- Identity theft

- Loss of money to a fraudulent website

- Receipt of counterfeit and potentially dangerous drugs

- Expired, diluted, or swapped medications

- Prosecution

- Confiscation of the shipment

Some risks in life are worth taking – this one is not!

Is It Time to Talk to a Doctor About Getting a Testosterone Prescription?

You may be wondering if it is time to talk to a doctor about getting a prescription for low testosterone. How do you know when the time has come to admit you might have Low T?

Luckily, the body will let you know if its testosterone (or other hormones) levels are low. While you cannot possibly know for sure without comprehensive blood analysis, you can tell if something is not right by checking for the symptoms below:

- Fatigue or lack of energy

- Trouble sleeping

- Weight gain

- Joint pain

- Stiffness

- Height shrinkage

- Muscle or bone loss

- Thinning hair

- Balding

- Anemia

- High LDL and total cholesterol and triglyceride levels

- Depression and other mood changes

- Increased stress and anxiety

- Social isolation

- Low sex drive

- Loss of the morning erections

- Erectile dysfunction

- Infertility

- Vaginal dryness

- PMS symptoms

- Hot flashes

- Night sweats

- Trouble concentrating

- Memory loss

- Impaired cognitive functions

While it is unlikely that all symptoms will be present, individuals who have three or more symptoms should undergo comprehensive blood testing for hormonal imbalance. 

People who have any of the following health concerns should also learn how to get a prescription for testosterone as these conditions are often associated with Low T:

- Osteopenia and osteoporosis

- Type 2 diabetes

- Obesity

- High blood pressure

- Atherosclerosis

- Cardiovascular disease

- Dementia

- Depression

- Metabolic syndrome 

How to Choose a Doctor Who Prescribes Testosterone 

Choosing a doctor is a critical step in receiving the right type of treatment. Only a practitioner specializing in hormone replacement therapy has the necessary training and experience to treat hormonal imbalance safely and accurately. For most people, that means going to someone other than their family physician for treatment. 

While that may seem problematic due to higher specialist costs, waiting lists for appointments, and time off work, there is a better way. 

Today, many people search for how to get a prescription for testosterone online to help save money. Although you cannot complete the entire process online, there is a way to do much of it through telemedicine. You will still need to visit a local laboratory for the blood test and doctor for a quick examination. Yet, the consultations with the hormone specialist can all be done via confidential phone calls. 

Getting a testosterone prescription online in this way helps save considerable time and money over the course of treatment. 

How to Get a Testosterone Prescription 

Now that you know it is possible to get a testosterone prescription online via telemedicine let us look at how to go about it safely.

First, remember that the best prescription testosterone comes from working with a board-certified hormone specialist in the US. That way, you know you are dealing with a legitimate, local hormone clinic. 

Second, getting the cheapest testosterone prescription (inexpensive yet legitimate) means skipping the specialist office visits and conducting your consultations by phone. Again, ensuring that you are dealing with a US hormone clinic.

When you contact our hormone therapy clinic, you will speak with our experienced medical staff, who will guide you through the entire diagnostic and treatment process. Then, if diagnosed with Low T, our hormone doctor will determine your personalized treatment, and all medications and supplies ship directly to you from the licensed US pharmacy.

Are you ready to find out if you can benefit from getting a testosterone prescription? If so, contact our clinic today for your free, confidential consultation.