Testosterone Therapy: Is It Right for You?

Chances are you have heard about testosterone therapy from someone you know, on television, or on the radio. You may have read about it online or in a magazine or newspaper. How do you know if treatment with supplemental testosterone is right for you? That is the question we explore in this in-depth look at testosterone therapy for men and women.

What is testosterone therapy?

Bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy is the medical treatment that gives back to the body an exogenous supply of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is one of numerous hormones that undergoes a decrease in production as we age. Although the body is designed to adjust to the changes in testosterone levels, that does not always occur. Or, if testosterone levels become too low, that can inhibit critical physiological functions associated with testosterone. Supplemental testosterone therapy fills in what is missing.

Who prescribes testosterone therapy? Can I get it from my family physician?

Testosterone therapy doctors are specialists in the field of hormone replacement therapy for adults. You want a specialist because the science of balancing hormone levels requires extensive knowledge, training, and experience. Please do not ask your family physician to prescribe hormone medications as that can often lead to further imbalances in the body.

Is it safe to buy online testosterone replacement therapy?

Hormone therapy clinic does not recommend purchasing testosterone medications online from unregulated sources. Without a valid doctor’s prescription, you do not even know if testosterone is what your body needs. Also, many websites are unsafe and may ship counterfeit and potentially dangerous medications. 

*Get the facts about testosterone therapy before purchasing this hormone medication.

Why Do Adults Need Testosterone Therapy?

If hormone levels are designed to change and decline as we age, many people would say to let nature take its course. However, nature cannot account for lifestyle habits, illnesses, genetics, injuries, and multiple outside factors that can worsen the decline. Those factors can further lead to a hormone deficiency. 

With doctor-prescribed testosterone hormone therapy, we give the body what it needs much in the same way people use antibiotics to treat an infection. There are times when the intervention of medical science can help improve the body’s functions, efficiency, and health. Hormonal deficiency or imbalance is one of those times when intervention is beneficial.

Why do adults need testosterone therapy effects?

Male or female, a testosterone deficiency can cause multiple symptoms and increase the risk of developing potentially life-threatening health conditions. For adults in their family-building years, low testosterone levels can cause both female and male infertility. While testosterone therapy can help improve female fertility, it can worsen male sperm count. That is why you want to work with an experienced hormone specialist to receive the proper treatment to help achieve your goals.

Some of the many reasons why adults need testosterone are shown in the testosterone therapy indications below:

- To maintain proper sleep and energy levels

- For the protection of bone mineral density and muscle mass

- To stimulate metabolic functions for weight, insulin, and blood glucose control

- For sexual desire and performance

- To keep brain functions sharp and emotional well-being in balance

- For the maintenance of normalized cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure levels

- To support red blood cell production, circulation, and heart health

These are only some of the many reasons why testosterone therapy is beneficial for adults.

Testosterone Therapy for Men

Most people are familiar with the use of testosterone therapy for men over age fifty. The dreaded “middle-age crisis” is nothing to laugh about as it can create havoc in a man’s life. He may find himself dealing with unexplained depression, health issues, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction. 

Once testosterone levels reach a point low enough to cause problems, it often takes supplemental testosterone to rectify the situation. Working with a hormone specialist can help you determine the proper course of action.

The many benefits of testosterone therapy for men include:

- Deeper sleep

- More energy

- Weight loss 

- Return of morning erections

- Stronger, longer-lasting erections

- Increased sex drive

- Sharper memory and focus

- More drive and motivation

- Increased productivity

- Better muscle tone and strength

- Lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Testosterone does all that and more for men throughout their lives. 

Testosterone Therapy for Women

Testosterone therapy for women is not as well-known or mainstream, although many doctors have prescribed it off-label to females for over a decade. Since testosterone is a precursor hormone to estradiol, it can help menopausal women increase their estrogen levels safely at the same time. In fact, many women report better results with supplemental testosterone than they ever got from estrogen and progestin treatments.

The testosterone therapy benefits for women are similar to those of men, with one primary exception – instead of better erectile functions, females experience improved vaginal lubrication. The result is the same – improved sexual satisfaction.

Because testosterone also works on the brain’s neurotransmitters, it helps to reduce mood swings and feelings of stress and depression. Other benefits include reduced symptoms of PMS, as well as improvements in hot flashes and night sweats.

Are There Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy?

All medications, including those sold over the counter in stores, carry side effect warnings. Following the directions of the prescribing hormone doctor can lower the risks of testosterone therapy.

Is testosterone therapy safe for women?

Testosterone therapy has been proven through years of use and results to be as safe for women as it is for men. Again, that means taking testosterone under a doctor’s supervision to reduce the risk of testosterone therapy side effects. 

The primary cause of unwanted or adverse reactions is testosterone abuse, including misuse. If testosterone levels get too high, the following side effects could occur:

- Worsening of sleep apnea

- Oily skin

- Adult acne

- Male breast enlargement (gynecomastia)

- Testicular shrinkage and low sperm count

- Headaches

- Elevated red blood cell count (polycythemia)

- Female vocal deepening or clitoral enlargement 

Best Types of Testosterone Therapy for Men and Women

Always remember that the best testosterone replacement therapy is the one prescribed specifically for your body’s needs by a hormone specialist. By working closely with your doctor, you can get the best possible results. 

Of the many types of testosterone therapy, our hormone therapy doctors have found testosterone cypionate and enanthate injections to provide the best results for men. For women, our specialists prescribe custom compounded testosterone cream.

Is testosterone therapy expensive?

Although some types of testosterone (gels, patches, implants) can be quite expensive, our doctors prescribe the two most affordable types of treatment – compounded cream for women and injectable testosterone enanthate and cypionate for men. 

How Quickly Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

Many people who request testosterone therapy do so because they are experiencing symptoms that interfere with their lives in some way. The goal of treatment is to bring about speedy results.

How quickly does testosterone therapy work once you begin treatment?

Although exogenous testosterone goes to work immediately upon entering the bloodstream, it may take a little while before you see results. Most people notice changes in sleep, mood, and energy within the first two weeks. With each passing month, more benefits become noticeable. Month three is often a time of considerable change.

How Do You Get Testosterone Therapy?

If you are searching for testosterone therapy online, you want to find a legitimate hormone clinic for your diagnostic testing and treatment. Ultimately, the testosterone therapy cost will be higher if you pick a doctor that requires office visits. The higher fees of visiting a specialist can add up over the course of treatment.

A better option for those searching testosterone therapy near me is our hormone therapy clinic. Here, you will find some of the nation’s leading hormone doctors who practice telemedicine. Rather than expensive office visits, we provide no-cost, confidential telephone consultations. Our streamlined diagnostic process will save you time and money. 

Contact our hormone therapy clinic today for your free consultation to learn more about testosterone therapy for men and women.